Setting up Email

Setting Up Your Law Firm’s Email

Having an email address that reflects your site domain is an important part of maintaining consistency within your brand.

Email Hosting

For larger law firms, we recommend contracting with an IT team to manage your email and security, but understand that this is not viable for smaller firms or sole practitioners. In that case, we recommend setting up your email through GoDaddy or a hosting company of your choice.

Choosing Your Email Address

Keep the following in mind as you deliberate on choosing an email address:

  • You can have more than one: may be the email address you give to colleagues and use for official business while you use an address such as to collect submissions through your site’s contact form.
  • Keep it simple: Long email addresses are more prone to typos and other errors that make it difficult for people to get in touch with you.
  • Professionalism: Your email address is no place for personal nicknames or inside jokes.