Define your Positioning Statement

Crafting Your Positioning Statement

A unique positioning statement is an essential foundational item for your marketing plan and can also help you clarify your goals as an attorney.

Value Proposition

Your positioning statement should convey your firm’s value proposition to your target audience. What skills do you bring to the table, and how do they correlate to solving the problems facing your clients? Remember, while this is your positioning statement, it needs to be written with your prospective clients in mind.

Who is Your Ideal Client?

What type of client is the best match for your practice area, geographical region, and the legal issues you are passionate about? It is important to be the attorney that clients are looking for, but don’t lose sight of reaching the clients you want to serve.

Marketing Differentiators

What are your firm’s unique strengths? What do you do better than your competitors? Use your positioning statement to highlight these traits and set your firm apart.

Do you routinely achieve rare outcomes in your area of practice? Do you practice in a niche area of the law? Do you have a passion for taking seemingly difficult cases to trial rather than accepting a fast settlement? Do you make yourself available to your clients 24/7?

Here’s a positioning statement template to kick things off:

“[Firm Name] is the go-to law firm for [specific legal services or target demographic] who [specific pain point or need], offering [unique value proposition or method of service delivery]. Unlike other law firms, [Firm Name] [unique differentiator such as tech-savviness, special billing methods, a unique client experience, etc.].”

For example:

“Smith & Partners is the go-to law firm for startup businesses navigating intellectual property challenges. Unlike traditional IP law firms, Smith & Partners blends technology and personalized consultations to make the legal process seamless, efficient, and friendly.”

Remember to adjust the template based on the firm’s strengths, target market, and the unique space it wants to occupy in the market. We hope that sets the ball rolling for you!