Define your Mission Statement

Creating Your Mission Statement

“Mission statement? Really? Come on…”

Yeah, we know. Things like mission statements can quickly become hokey and are often misused by corporations in an attempt to appear human.

We promise that’s not what this is about. While your mission statement can send a message to your target audience, its true purpose is to remind you of why you do this in the first place:

  • What is your why?
  • Why did you get into the law?
  • Who are you hoping to help with your legal services?
  • What is the passion that drives you?

The answers to these questions will form the foundation of your mission statement.

Example Mission Statement

A mission statement should be action-based and tap into what interests and motivates your target audience. Consider the following example for a family law firm:

  • Family Law Firm offers compassionate representation and knowledgeable counsel for men, women, and children in Parts Unknown. We position our clients for a brighter future by protecting their legal rights, financial interests, and relationships.