Responding to Online Reviews

Responding To Reviews The Ethical Way

No matter how many cases and verdicts you have under your belt, you are still a human being. Criticism – even the constructive kind – can lead to hurt feelings, defensiveness, and anger. After all, you have worked hard to build a strong reputation for your firm and do not want an inaccurate or unfair review to tarnish it.

Be Consistent

It is best to respond to all online reviews or none. Only responding to positive reviews can make it look like you are only interested in being praised while only responding to negative reviews can make it appear that you are incapable of receiving constructive criticism.

Be Careful With Your Words

Just as you would not advise a client to admit to an awful mistake, you should not go into detail about the issue behind the negative review. A simple “I’m sorry” and good faith attempt to make things right will go a long way.

Do Not Argue

Depending on your area of practice, arguing may literally be what you do for a living. Please resist the urge to argue in the comments section of your reviews, no matter how right you may be about the underlying issue.

Do Not Disclose Case Details Or Personal Information

Rehashing the details of a case to set the online record straight exposes you to ethical violations that place your law license in jeopardy. Being right online is simply not worth it.

The Bottom Line On Reviews

Reviews are a crucial part of your brand in today’s online marketplace. How you respond to a review can tell a potential client just as much about you as the review itself.