Instagram Myths

Instagram Myths: True or False?

Do you know the best practices for Instagram? Are you sure what you have heard is true? Continue reading to find the five of the most common Instagram myths, and whether they are true.

Myth 1: “Paid partnership tags will reduce my reach and engagement.”

It usually is not the “paid partnership” tag that leads to a decline in engagement, it is the post itself. If a post seems inauthentic and dishonest, users are not likely to engage with it.

Myth 2: “Shifting from a private account to a business or creator account will hinder my engagement.”

This type of account shift will not affect your organic reach and engagement. These different account types (personal, creator, business) are solely for the purpose of gaining account value and insights.

Myth 3: “Instagram’s algorithm prioritizes certain features and content in the feed.”

Instagram’s algorithm is customized for each user. If a user typically engages with criminal law posts, Instagram will recognize this and show them similar content.

Myth 4: “Creating every type of content Instagram has to offer will benefit my accounts performance.”

This myth is true! The most successful creators on Instagram are the ones who use all the features available. The use of many features allows creators to engage and attract many diverse types of users.

Myth 5: “There is an optimum number of hashtags to use and using too many may affect your discoverability.”

Hashtags can help you to become discovered by other users, but there is no optimum number. It is best to only use hashtags that are relevant to your firm rather than trying to use as many as possible. Some examples for a family law attorney are #divorce, #childcustody, or #parentingtime.