Increasing your Firms Social Media Engagement

Engagement is one of the essential factors in a firm’s social media strategy! Users want to feel like they know the person behind the profile. The best way to help them feel that way is by engaging with them on social media.

1. Analyze your current engagement

Take a good look at your current social media engagement. Note what seems to work for your firm and what does not. From there, you can develop your strategy.

2. Select your strategy

Every firm has its own strategy. Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to digital marketing. Use your analysis and select the best plan for your firm. Remember, you can constantly adjust your tactics.

3. Know your audience

Know who you are talking to! Think about the difference in a conversation between someone you just met and your best friend. It is so much easier to talk to your best friend. This is because you know them so much better. Ensure you know your audience, what they want to see, and how to engage with them.

4. Share valuable content

Ensure you are sharing content that your audience will find valuable and shareable. This will make it easier to engage with your clients because they will be more interested in what you are posting.

5. Stay on topic

Your clients and followers are there for a reason, to see legal content and content regarding your firm. So make sure you stay on topic.

6. Keep the conversation flowing.

Make sure you are practicing both reactive and proactive engagement. Reactive engagement is when you answer direct messages, comments, and mentions. Proactive engagement is when you are the one sparking the conversation. For example, use a call to action at the end of your post, such as, “tell us in the comments below.”

7. Show your human side.

Nobody wants to talk to a robot. It is not enjoyable when you message a company and you must complete a questionnaire with a robot before speaking with a natural person. Setting up an automatic reply is okay but rely on something other than robotic communication to communicate with clients and potential clients on social media.

8. Respond promptly

We understand that you cannot be on your phone checking social media daily. Therefore, we recommend you set an automatic reply for when a user messages you. This seems to counteract our last point but hear it out. A simple, quick response can show your client that you care about them and want to help.

9. Schedule smart

Believe it or not, the time you post on social media can tremendously impact your post’s engagement. Try setting a specific time during the day or week when you will post and another when you will interact with your followers.

10. Think beyond the feed

Do not put all your eggs in one basket. Social media engagement does not only take place in the posts and feed but also direct messages or story interactions.