How to Curate your Instagram feed?

How to Curate Your Instagram Feed

Curating your Instagram feed – your outgoing posts as well as what appears as you scroll through the app – is about making it your (law firm’s) own. Someone checking out your Instagram feed should be able to quickly form an impression about your interests, passions, and values.

Who Will You Follow?

Following other accounts related to your practice area is a great way to be ingrained in relevant communities on Instagram. It can also help you stay on top of what is going on in your niche and form relationships with colleagues in the industry.

In addition to following specific accounts, you can also follow hashtags that are relevant to your firm’s practice.

What Will You Share With Your Target Audience?

Remember, consistency is important for your brand. It is crucial that your firm speaks with a consistent voice. This includes the posts you share, whether they are images, videos, or invitations to check out other relevant content on the app.

When in doubt, stay true to your Mission Statement and your Brand Kit.