Creating an Instagram Reel

4 Easy Steps to Making an Instagram Reel

Instagram Reels are one of the best ways to increase your social media audience. They make it easier than ever to go viral. After all, video has proven to be a priority on all social media algorithms. Follow these steps to ensure you are making the most out of every Reel you post.

1. Set a Strategy

Let your firm’s voice guide you in this step. When you are creating your Reel strategy, consider:

  • Your goals: What are you trying to accomplish with Reels? Keep this in mind when you are in the designing process.
  • Your audience: Before creating your Reel, consider what your audience may want to see. What would draw them to your profile or website?
  • Your content topics: Make sure your Reel is entertaining and relevant. This does not mean it has to involve a dance trend. Reels can be funny, inspirational, educational, anything! Just make sure the topic works for your audience.
  • Your competitors: Do your competitors use Reels? If so, how can you use them better?

2. Gather Your Footage

For this step, you can either use existing footage or capture new. If you choose to capture unique footage, you can use Instagram’s tools such as dual feature, self-timer, and speed adjustment. The fun has just begun!

3. Edit Your Reel

Once you collect all of your footage, hit “next” and begin editing! This step can be daunting and exciting at the same time. You can edit the length of clips, add sounds such as voiceover or music, add closed captions, and even add filters and AR effects! It is fascinating to use editing skills to take your Reel to the next level.

4. Prepare and Share Your Reel

Once you have completed all the steps above, you are ready to share your Reel! First, ensure you have done a final look-through; everything is how you want it. Before you hit publish, make sure to:

  • Edit your cover: Tap “edit cover” and choose how the Reel will display on your profile. You can select a moment from the Reel or your photo. If you choose your photo, make sure it is relevant.
  • Write a caption: Keep this short and sweet.
  • Choose whether or not to share the Reel on your feed: Sharing to your feed is proven to increase reach!