Claim Impact

Will my reporting of any matter automatically tarnish my insurance record?

  • WILMIC will look beyond the existence of a reported claim and consider several factors.
  • The typical review of a claim will include consultation with the claims department to help determine:
    • If a claim has merit;
    • The degree of negligence;
    • The amount of alleged/actual damages;
    • The anticipated expense to defend the claim;
    • The circumstances that preceded the claim;
    • The lawyer’s degree of cooperation in working with the claims department;
    • If the lawyer was practicing in an area of law not identified on the policy application;
    • Risk management steps were installed to prevent a recurrence.

Will a costly claim mean that I will be dropped by my insurance carrier?

  • In addition to reviewing the above aspects, WILMIC will also take into account:
    • The lawyer’s previous claim history, frequency, and severity
    • The lawyer’s longevity as a policyholder.

Will my premium increase when I report a claim?

  • WILMIC does not raise a policyholder’s premium simply for reporting claims. The above factors are considered, and input is received from the claims department. Only after all factors are considered could the premium be affected. On the other hand, lawyers with no claims or less costly claims can rightfully expect to pay less premium than a lawyer with a significant claim.