Title Tags: What, Where and Why

Title Tags: What, Where and Why

Freeze tag, skin tags, social media tags, clothing tags…

We know you have a lot of tags to deal with, but bear with us as we bring one more to your attention: title tags.


A title tag is a piece of HTML code that allows you to provide a web page with a title. Title tags are an important piece of metadata that can help boost your standing with search engines and web users. It is important to include keywords, geography and other relevant terms in a title tag. For example, the following would be a good title tag for a page on federal criminal defense: Federal Criminal Defense Attorney | Parts Unknown, USA.


Title tags can be found in the title bar of a web browser as well as the search engine results page (SERP).


Along with URLs, meta descriptions, and links, title tags are one of the primary areas that search engines consider when ranking and sorting content. The title tag also sends and important message to users regarding the content of your web page.