What is content marketing and why is it beneficial?

What is Content Marketing?

There is no subterfuge here; content marketing is exactly what it sounds like. It’s marketing your law firm’s services and attributes via content. In your case, content marketing is most likely to be a digital marketing tool, although you may decide to send out a printed newsletter or advertising collateral from time-to-time.

Types of Digital Content Marketing

The three most crucial components of your content marketing plan are:

  • Website Content: Includes all of the pages on your website from your Home page and About page to specific pages that detail your firm’s areas of practice. Your website content should be easy to read, easy to find, and easy to navigate.
  • Blog Content: Your firm’s blog is an opportunity for you to speak with an institutional voice about issues of relevance to your practice and your target audience. Blog posts can answer frequently asked questions, go into great detail about an important issue, or simply offer a quick take on the news of the day. One thing all your posts should have in common is being interesting, relevant, and useful.
  • Social Media Content: Social media content should be a cornerstone of your law firm’s content marketing plan. Your social media presence provides your firm with a platform to inform your target audience, be a trusted curator of content, and inform your target audience about issues that are relevant to your areas of practice.

Providing regular content to these three digital marketing channels is an essential part of building your firm’s brand and engaging with your target audience online.

The Bottom Line on Content Marketing

If you remember one thing, remember this: if you won’t read it, neither will they. Make sure your content is engaging, relevant, and useful for your target audience.