Easy Ways to Improve SEO

Take Simple Steps to Improve Your Firm’s SEO

Quality search engine optimization (SEO) techniques do not have to break your law firm’s marketing budget or rob you of your valuable time. Simple steps, when executed well, can go a long way toward improving your law firm’s online standing.

Publish Relevant Content

Adding pages to your website, updating the content on your website pages, and publishing blogs posts are all ways to provide the search engines with fresh content to crawl. It also provides an opportunity to build trust with your target audience by providing them with relevant and useful content about your area of expertise.

The Purge

As the laws change, your content needs to change with them. It is crucial to update content to reflect the currently reality facing your profession and your prospective clients. Content that is out of date and no longer relevant – even if updated – should be removed.

Don’t Forget the Metadata

No, it’s not a new product from Mark Zuckerberg. Metadata is a way to provide search engines and web users with crucial information about the contents of your web pages. Examples of meta data include title tags, meta descriptions, and image alt tags.

SEO: The Adventure of Links

Your pages should be content-rich and use hyperlinks to help users navigate your website and discover other relevant sources. The words you choose as anchor text for hyperlinks does matter. For example, “Click here” has little to no search engine value, while “Learn more about car accident injuries” does. Using SEO keywords in your link anchor text is a way to improve SEO while adding value for your readers.