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The first step is the most difficult.  With Above the Bar Academy, we can help you manage the daunting task of running and growing your law firm.  We have the tools and resources to support you on your firm’s journey.  Whether you are just starting your practice or at the end of your career, we have resources for you every step of the way.

The first of it's kind...

The Above the Bar Academy brings you the major legal tech stack partners together in one centralized place to learn how to start, manage and grow your law firm.  Our partners have collaborated to provide courses including:

Starting your practice?

Are you hanging your own shingle?   This is likely a time of uncertainly and can seem very daunting.  These courses will guide you in establishing and growing your firm. You don’t have to do this alone!

Looking to grow your firm?

Marketing your law firm does not have to be intimidating. Learn about building your brand and digital marketing with a plethura of great resources in the Academy!

Like what you see?

This is only the tip of the Above the Bar Academy iceberg. We offer information and tutorials, videos, e-books on everything from case/lead management and reputation management to optimizing your intake process so you can manage and grow your firm.

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You will have access to ALL of the content provided by the Above the Bar Academy.  Together with our partners, content will be added and modified daily to keep up with the latest legal tech updates.

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